Meet the 'Kids'

Take a moment to meet some of the greatest kids on earth. They love being outdoors, tracking their favorite game, joking around with each other – all the stuff that kids love to do. But these kids can outshoot and outhunt some of the best adults in the sport. Hard to believe?The video doesn’t lie.

Be sure to request a copy of their latest DVD to share with your own kids or with your youth group. You’ll be amazed at the skill level these young hunters bring to the table. But most importantly, the kids in your life will see the fun and exciting side to getting away from the video games, computer and television, and getting outside with the awesome natural resources all around us.

Better yet, take a look at these kids and consider the benefits of what they’re doing. And then consider becoming a sponsor of the Kids Gone Hunting video series. Soon, you’ll even be able to make a one time PayPal donation if you choose. Check back soon or contact us to be notified when the PayPal donation button gets added to the site.

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